Mi — NRGmatrix Ingredients – Organic Medicinal Mushrooms

NRGmatrix Ingredients – Organic Medicinal Mushrooms

All mushrooms are 100% certified Organic and grown in San Marcos, California.

Cordyceps Militaris
  • Native to remote high elevations of Tibet and Southern China
  • Treasured for its impact on energy and immunity*
  • Studies have shown it can increase the cell’s ability to produce and process ATP; producing more energy in the body from the cellular lever*
  • Used by many professional athletes for its ability to increase the body’s hemoglobin production and increases overall circulation*
  • Contains an array of antioxidants that facilitate recovery from strenuous exercise*
  • Helps combat fatigue and can increase sexual function*
  • Reported to increase oxygenation of the cells which plays a key role in the ability to maintain sustained energy, endurance and stamina*
  • This species (Militaris) has been reported to have higher levels of activity than the more well-known species, Cordyceps sinesis
  • Indigenous to the subtropical regions of China, Reishi has the longest recorded use
  • Referred to as the “mushroom of immortality”
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi is known as the “Elixir of Life” and is listed as a “Superior Tonic” that can be taken in any amount as desired on a continuous basis with no unfavorable effects and with no reduction in health-promoting efficacy*
  • Valued for its adaptogenic properties that help us to cope with stress whether it be physical, biological or psychological*
  • Highly regarded for its cardiotonic properties and has been reported to improve blood flow and lower oxygen consumption in the heart muscle*
  • Effective at oxygenating the blood and has been used to alleviate high altitude sickness*
  • An amazingly wide variety of bioactive ingredients including antioxidants and immunity-boosting compounds*
  • Rare and highly-valued mushroom native to Taiwan this unique mushroom
  • Prized for its support of the liver and its functions – A healthy liver that efficiently removes toxins and metabolic by-products is crucial to sustaining energy, endurance and stamina*
  • Often taken by Taiwanese after a night of heavy drinking to mitigate liver damage*
  • Contains antioxidants that reduce the energy-draining effects of harmful free radicals generated as metabolic by-products and by exposure to toxins and stress*
  • Contains an array of unique bioactive compounds that have been demonstrated to support a healthy immune system*
Agaricus blazei
  • Robust tropical species that thrives in the jungles of Brazil
  • Has unique properties related to immune support*
  • Also known as Himematsutake and the Royal Sun Agaricus, is a tropical relative of the common button mushroom
  • Valued for its high level of beta glucan compounds – complex polysaccharide compounds that have been shown to stimulate and potentiate our immune system by binding to receptor sites on various cells of our immune system to activate them and enable quicker responses to challenges to our immunity*
  • Highly valued for both its culinary and medicinal properties
  • Rich in vitamin D
  • Contains beta glucans which are highly supportive of the immune system*
  • Renowned throughout Oriental history to aid in the preservation of vitality and well-being*
  • The Japanese have long recognized Maitake as a superior tonic that balances bodily function and enhances wellness, vitality, strength and vigor*
  • Research has shown that Maitake helps to balance blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity that are critical factors in maintaining increased energy levels*
  • Produced in a process that enhances its natural vitamin D2 levels significantly. Adequate levels of vitamin D are crucial to a wide variety of metabolic processes and to the maintenance of optimal health and energy*


  • Japanese mushroom that has immune benefits as well as anti-viral and anti bacterial properties*
  • Source of Lentinana shown to effect host defense immune systems*
King Trumpet
  • Produces high levels of super antioxidant L-ergothioneine – marvel of nature with a unique cellular transport system
  • L-ergothioneine is the only antioxidant to date that has been associated with a specific transport system that our cells utilize to transport the antioxidant across the cell membrane to points of oxidative stress, particularly the mitochondria where ATP is produced for cellular energy*
  • Active ingredients have also been shown to support bone health and the efficient digestion and utilization of nutrients*


  • Also known in Japan as “Buna Shimeji”, is a delicious culinary mushroom with significant health-promoting properties
  • Research has shown this mushroom to have unique cardiotonic properties*
  • Contains antioxidants and immunomodulating compounds that promote health and vitality*